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In order to better develop business in the international market, Guangu Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. is actively seeking cooperation with foreign agents and distributors in various regions. We hope that the interested parties can negotiate with us in time. It has been recognized by many customers. In the next five years, the company will always adhere to the strategy of scientific and technological innovation and development, committed to the research and application of metal surface treatment, focusing on the research and development of magnetic polishing and grinding technology, planned to overcome the current industry can not be automated polishing and cleaning products, effective use of the company's strong R & D personnel and advanced polishing research and development technology, Let science and technology timely and effective transformation into productivity, to improve production capacity, improve product quality and market share to lay the foundation.

When you become our product sales agent, we will take your company as our own business department, business training, technical support, has been supporting your business development stability, profit returns rise year by year, so that the development of a successful one!

Agent Support Policy:

1. When you sign an agreement with us to become the regional agent of our equipment, the company will support the authorization qualification and train the staff for you free of charge until your staff can fully start.

2, the company's equipment will improve, and strive to have a strong market competitiveness in the local market!

3. The company analyzes the local industrial and commercial markets, and makes reasonable marketing plans to make your sales easier.

4. Provide free product brochures, instructions, business cards, and Internet marketing technology support.

5. Enjoy the general agent in the region, and the manufacturer is mainly responsible for regulating the market and providing technical support for equipment.

6. The head office will promptly provide important information such as terminal intention customer consultation and inquiry to the regional agent in the agent area, and ensure that it is not omitted, not quoted, and promptly and quickly forwarded to the general agent.

7. When the agent has a large order business, the company will send relevant personnel to negotiate with the agent

8. All faulty equipment shall be returned to the factory for maintenance, and the maintenance cost shall be borne by the manufacturer, and the agent shall not bear a penny.

10. The company provides free telephone technical guidance (400-800-3945) and comprehensive technical support.

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Metal deburring machine. It's suitable for the surface treatment of copper, aluminum, stainless steel, alloy and other metal parts. One time to solve polishing cleaning deburring and other post-processing problems. Remove batch front, oil stain, weld spot, oxide layer, knife pattern, etc., no dead Angle hole, cross hole polishing cleaning, does not affect the accuracy, does not damage the workpiece

COMPANY STRENGTHFocus on polisher development

6 years of craftsmanship manufacturing, only to do high-quality metal surface polishing machine equipment, the production of high-quality magnetic polishing machine and its consumables.